• Your mom won’t let you get a tattoo, and you aren’t too sure of a design that you’re ready to commit to for the rest of your life anyway, but does that mean you have to skip out on this unique way to embrace your individuality? Absolutely not. Temporary tattoos are no longer cheap little skin stickers that you find in the 5 cent bubblegum packs. With our incredible selection of trending temporary tattoo designs, you can play around with every tattoo  you desire, without having to commit or give your parents a heart attack in the meantime. Here are some tricks that will encourage a durable life on temporary tattoos, since fading, peeling and cracking is never chic.

    Prep Work


    Before anything else, you really have to thoroughly wash the area you are planning on adding your temporary tattoo to, and with soap and warm water. You can always use an exfoliating wash or a cloth to help remove any dead skin cells which can interrupt the longevity of your tattoo. After all, you don’t want to be tattooing skin that is flaking off, right?

    Dry Time

    Once the area is cleaned, thoroughly dry it with an absorbent towels. For example; use a bath towel instead of a beach towel. You also want to make sure that your hands are completely dry as well. So, get in the nooks and crannies to dry everything up… And maybe even the sink area, since your mom probably won’t be too stoked about the water dribbles everywhere.


    Read the instructions provided on our temporary tattoos and follow them tediously. There’s no short cuts here, ladies and gentlemen, especially if you want your tats to last. Once you have read and understand the steps required, carefully and slowly apply your tattoo to the area to deter any air bubbles or ripples. This is a step that deserves special attention.

    More Dry Time

    Once you have applied the tattoo and followed the steps thoroughly (water and pressure), dry the temporary tattoo completely. Keep it clear of clothing, additional water and any lotions as this will disrupt the formula and effectiveness of the art.

    Brush It Up

    With a very soft, and clean makeup brush, apply a thin lawyer of baby powder to the surface of the tattoo to allow it to sit. This is something you can do every day as well, just to enhance the appearance and time of your temporary tattoo. Your mom might even be convinced it’s real after a good period of time without it fading or peeling at all.

    Tricks to Tattoos

    Now that your tattoo is in place and looking flawless, there are some things you should keep in mind to make sure that you don’t damage the stunning skin artwork. Avoid using exfoliating creams on that specific area, and when you are washing up, do so gently to avoid decreasing the art’s lifespan. Friction can also effect the temporary tattoos appearance, so try to place them on areas that don’t rub against your clothes vigorously. Lotions, soaps and oils should be used sparingly, if at all, on the area of your temporary tattoo as well.

    Other than that, you’re reading to rock your new piece of art and take it off when you’re over it. You never have to worry about making that big commitment to the needle and ink, and you certainly don’t have to worry about the pain that follows. Temporary tattoos are chic and trending and the perfect way to display your sense of style. Don't forget to check out the temporary piercings that look super convincing! 


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