Twist Earrings Spiral Double Hoop - Look of 2 Piercings - Everyday Earrings - Classic Hoops - Earlobe Conch Nose Lip Piercing

Made for a single piercing to look like you have double pierced ears. Just twist on for the edgy look.

This listing is for a set of Spiral Earrings

14k Yellow Gold filled, 14k Rose Gold filled or Sterling Silver Wire Seamless Real Body Piercing
Diameter Size is 10mm
Wire Gauge Available 22g

22g is a little thicker than 24g but thinner then 20g
20g is the standard for most ear piercings

** Sizes are interior diameter which means the inside of the hoop.

** Handmade by me. All items are Made to Order. Your item is not made until it is shipped to you.

** Due to nature of this item I cannot accept returns

Different Piercings these can be used for:
Nose Nostril
Double Piercing
Double Nose
Spider Bite
Ear Lobes